Landcare Research - Manaaki Whenua

Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua

Non-Financial Performance Summary

  Indicator as per the SCI 2015‒20 2015/16 Actual
Stakeholder engagement Percentage of relevant end-users who have adopted knowledge and/or technology from Landcare Research (data provided from MBIE’s biennial external client survey) 93%
Percentage of relevant funding partners and other end-users who have a high level of confidence in Landcare Research’s ability to set research priorities (data provided from MBIE’s biennial external client survey) 67%
Revenue per FTE ($000) $178
Revenue per FTE from commercial sources ($000) $53.27
Commercial reports per science FTE 0.9
Vision Mātauranga Number of positive strategic partnerships with iwi and Māori organisations in which we are linking science and mātauranga and which address Māori gaols and aspirations 63 (the figure collates the Kaupapa Māori, Māori-centred and Involving Māori and VMM indicators)
Science excellence & collaboration Publications with collaborators Other NZ: 27%
Overseas: 28%
Both NZ & Int’l: 32%
Joint papers total: 88%
Impact of scientific publications (mean annual SCImago ranking for the journals in which we published). 3
Percentage of relevant national and international research providers that have a high level of confidence in Landcare Research’s ability to put together the most appropriate research teams (data provided from MBIE’s biennial external client survey). 84%
Use of Databases & Collections Availability of data from Landcare Research’s MBIE Strategic Funded databases, collections and information systems (assessed by a variety of metrics appropriate to each) (see Databases and Collections)
Specimen transactions, identification requests and visitors to our MBIE Strategic Funded biological collections and associated infrastructure. Revised last year to focus on service delivery. 100% service delivery (see Databases and Collections)
Technology Transfer Number of new and existing licensing deals of Landcare Research derived IP (including technologies, products and services) with New Zealand and international partners 8
People, Learning & Culture Staff engagement in survey evaluations 63% engagement index rate (80% participation in survey)
Staff retention rate 92%