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Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua

Weed Biocontrol

Landcare Research produces a newsletter about weeds: Weed Biocontrol (previously What's new in the biocontrol of weeds?), published 4 times a year.

This newsletter is published to keep clients, stakeholders, and research colleagues informed about progress towards developing sustainable biological control solutions for weed problems, and other associated relevant research about invasive weeds.

Available issues

Available issues

Wise up to Weeds! (no longer produced; back copies only)

Wise up to Weeds! was a review of news about weeds in the New Zealand environment published twice a year. 

Patua Te Otaota - Weed Clippings. Biological Control of Weeds Annual Review (no longer produced; back copies only)

Patua Te Otaota was an annual review of biological control of weeds news. It was replaced by an extra large, full-colour issue of What's New in Biological Control of Weeds?, which has been issued once a year (from 2003 onwards).

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