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Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua


The painting ‘Hatched’ by Penny Howard, illustrates the CS Lewis quote, that at a personal and collective level we need to transform states to both survive and reach our full potential.

'Hatched' by Penny Howard

Three New Zealand birds; the songbirds Korimako and Kōkako and the farsighted Kāhu, are shown hatched but not quite taking flight. The red thread in Penny Howard’s paintings refers to bloodlines and I Nga Wa O Mua, the Maori world view, to look in front of us and to the past for guidance.


The core of the research reported in this e-book was supported through the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology project Building Capacity for Sustainable Development: The Enabling Research (C09X0310), which ran from October 2003 to September 2009. We have attempted to distil much of what we have learnt on this and associated projects so as to make it accessible to others: both those working and studying in this complex and emerging topic and those implementing the ideas and tools in their day-to-day working lives. However, we equally see our learnings as foundational for longer term research that will attempt to understand and deliver solutions for the benefit of New Zealand and which will confirm its reputation as an innovative, practical and future-oriented supporter of good science.

Each chapter reflects the authors’ work but also that of many others as researchers, participants, colleagues, contracting agents and stakeholders. However, the true test will be the resilience of these ideas and the continued support to really make a difference.