Landcare Research - Manaaki Whenua

Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua

Section 3. Individuals - as citizen consumers

The third section looks at individuals – as citizen consumers.

Changing ourselves and how we live is extraordinarily complex. Our behaviour and consumption choices are influenced by our values, identity and knowledge, and by social norms and institutional constraints. Our research suggests that changing behaviours will require more than providing solid information. People need to learn from each other and create their own solutions. And at a fundamental level society will need to reactivate the concept of citizenship – of acting for the common good versus acting as the individual consumer.

  • Chapter 14. Sustainable consumption
    What is it and what will it mean for society?
  • Chapter 15. We are what we buy – aren’t we?
    How personal and group identity influences consumption
  • Chapter 16. Seeking pro-sustainability household behaviour change
    What works? Profiling the Sustainable Living programme
  • Chapter 17. Supporting practice change through transformative communication
    How communication can create change
  • Chapter 18. Education for sustainability in secondary schools
    Is our secondary education system able to equip students for a complex-decision-making environment?

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