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Landcare-Research -Manaaki Whenua

Fauna of New Zealand Online Māori summaries

Available for volumes 21 onwards.

Macronised vowels

Macronised vowels in Māori popular summaries, and symbols, such as those for male and female, for Fauna N.Z. numbers 40-67 may not display on some computers; if this occurs on your computer download this font set (WPMultinationalA Roman) and this font set (WPIconicSymbolsA) and place them in your Windows Fonts folder.

Beetles (Coleoptera)

Flies (Diptera)

Mites (Acari)

Mayflies (Ephemeroptera)

Moths and butterflies (Lepidoptera)

Spiders (Araneae)

Stoneflies (Plecoptera)

True bugs, scale insects (Hemiptera)

Wasps (Hymenoptera)

Crustacea (amphipods)

Nematodes (Nematoda)

Slugs and snails (Mollusca)